Many today’s football results, from a wide range of leagues, can be examined from a single place

Football is by far the most popular sport in the entire world, and this is one of the reasons for which it basically never stops. Every day hundreds of matches in dozens of countries are played, and each team that takes part in them has a significant number of fans supporting them. At the same time, there is an important group of people who likes to have a more global picture about what is going on in the football world, and for that reason, they want to have a tool that allows them to have all today’s football results in a single place. Is that an utopia? Not anymore, because not long ago a group of football fans joined the efforts, and created what is currently known as 777score. True, this website also shows live and past football results, like many other platforms around the internet do, but there are tons of reasons for which 777score is not simply another of those websites. Some of them will be discussed throughout this article. However, as it is frequently said, it is always great to try things by ourselves instead of having someone saying how things are.

Millions of fans are attracted every day to 777score

Why did 777score succeed where dozens failed? This is a great question, with a not so complicated answer. The best way to address this issue is to describe some of the features that 777score is capable of offering for absolutely free to its millions of users around the world:

  • The portal has hundreds of past and live results. However, they are not limited to just the score. Instead, many occurrences and statistics are shown alongside the main score, which help the visitor to get a better insight of what is happening in the football field.
  • The website offers a customizable alert system. In order to use it, people must create an account on the site, which obviously is free too. As soon as something important happens with a team that they follow, they will get a notification directly to their inbox.
Recently 777score rolled out another characteristic that greatly enhanced its football today’s results section. Now users can also receive daily summaries with the scores that they are most interested about. As soon as a matchday ends, they will get an email on their inbox with the main scores. Also, in this email, it is possible to click in any of the matches in order to get more details about it. Once again, all of this is available for absolutely free. Which other website offers services of this quality?